How does the process of commissioning work?

Clients embark upon the process of commissioning by meeting with Dan, The Rusland Movement lead designer. Wherever possible, this first consultation will occur at the location for which the commission is destined. This allows him to absorb the intended, future surroundings of the piece, and provides opportunity to take accurate measurements.

It is after this consultation, assuming everyone is in agreement, that we proceed with the developing of ideas discussed and prepare first draft sketches of your design, an initial design fee is paid and time provisionally reserved in the workshop schedule. This is an important part of the whole process as it guarantees a commitment to your work, ensuring any deadlines you might have can be met.

With an excess of 15 years design experience, Dan has become incredibly adept at listening to clients as they express their vision and needs, ensuring the designs he creates satisfy on every level.

Once the first draft designs are ready, clients are invited to give their own input, ensuring the final piece is exactly as they want.

What about payment/commitment?

With confirmation of approval of the design, a deposit is accepted and work upon the project commences. Your personal payment, design review, production inspection and delivery schedule will be agreed at this point

Some clients are keen to see their commission take shape, and are always welcome to visit the workshop. It’s utterly compelling, to see the skilled craftsmen as they take the design from sketch to finished piece, bringing lines of drawings to life, using only the finest of materials and centuries of proven methods of cabinetmaking skills.

Upon completion, it is these same craftsmen who deliver each finished piece and position it in its new home.

This design and production experience is exciting and satisfying, as a result we now provide a Gift Experience, The Rusland Gift Commission. You purchase a Gift Commission from us with a financial limit agreed, we present this to you in a hand made Gift Box and we then await your recipients call to start the process off.

We love what we do and we get to work with some exceptional clients. Most of them move very quickly from being clients to enthusiastic patrons and long term friends.

How do you begin the process?

If you would like to learn more about our work or meet for an informal chat just give us a call. Alternatively, email us here, or fill in the form above.