Handmade kitchens are something we’re often approached to undertake, although we consider ourselves to be primarily makers of fine furniture. However, the clients who approach us to design and make their kitchens do so as they share our philosophy that all things in the home should be made to be beautiful, practical and designed to stand the test of time. To our clients, the kitchen is just as worthy of the skill of our experienced cabinetmakers and their outstanding craftsmanship.

“Everything made by man's hand has a form, which must be either beautiful or ugly; beautiful if it is in accord with nature, and helps her; ugly if it is discordant with nature, and thwarts her; it cannot be indifferent.”

The use of natural materials is usually high up on the list of requirements from our clients and, wherever possible, we like to fulfil their wishes, via other local makers and suppliers.

The Lake District, known worldwide for it’s majestic landscape, and the hard wearing yet beautiful slate it is built upon, is also home to the High Fell Green Slate Company quarry.

The quarry, not far from Coniston, has been worked by at least one member of the Walker family since 1957. High in the hills, with far-reaching views taking in the Langdale Pikes, Windermere and Helvellyn, it is one of the last remaining independent slate quarries in Cumbria.


Whatever the weather, Neville and his son, Richard, can be found working this beautiful but unforgiving landscape. Family continuity sees intimate knowledge of the quarry being passed down from father to son, and the small scale production guarantees the exceptional quality of this particularly hard, green slate with unique markings that is often requested for our handmade kitchens.

At the mercy of the elements, working the quarry by hand is a measured and unhurried process that yields results that are always worth waiting for.